On the subject of Exams and Procrastination

Hello everyone!

Sorry that I’ve been quite recently. I’m in the middle of my GCSE ‘ S and that means i haven’t got an awful lot of time to do blog-worthy  things – let alone blog about them!!!

I’m in half-term at the moment and I’m more relaxed than I thought I would be. I’m doing a lot of dance for my Upcoming danceshow (i say upcoming – it’s in January but I have a LOT of dances and songs to learn and perfect before then!!).

Today I had an amazing two hour long dance class learning how to do ribbon acrobatics – the ribbons are 4 meters long! I’m only 5 ft 4in – i feel swamped by ribbons! 4 meters is the “short” length, normally acro-ribbons are 6 meters! *gulp*

The dance sections without ribbons were a mixture of circus/charleston/contemporary/ballet/jazz – basically awesome!

Tomorrow I have a 6 hour rehearsal for the show that I’m taking up to the Edinburgh fringe festival in the second week of August! I’m sure it’ll be fun – just long I guess…

As much as I complain about ‘short’ rehearsals like 6 hours – i do love it – i thrive in the performing environment. Not like… i need to be in the spotlight the whole time, that’s definable Not Who I am. I just feel at home in that environment. The challenge, the success, the failure, the sense of achievement. The thrill of dancing of singing or acting to my hearts content. I love it. It’s what I want to do later in life.

Friday I am spending a rare day shopping in London  with my mum. We’re going to Oxford Street for the day and maybe going to see a show in the evening!!!

What are you guys up to? I’d love to hear about it!

Love you all my gorgeous secret keepers!

Hush-hush Girl

Scary Stage Make-up and Tanya Burr’s Chocolate Cookies (take 2!)


Today started with a crazy rehearsal for a show I’m in that is going up to the Edinburgh fringe festival in the second week of August!

I would say come along but anonymity reasons…

Anyway – here’s some close ups of the make up! (Can’t show whole face cause… its a SECRET!)


And this one


It’s a contemporary twist on the original Grimms tails… more about that later.

After I got home (and scared the living daylights out of my family!!), I decided to try to make Tanya Burr’s Chocolate Cookies again…

here’s what happened.


So they didn’t quite turn out how I wanted but I know why! I added too much milk so my mixture was just a tiny bit too moist :/

Here’s the recipe and steps with photos for anyone who wants to know!!

Tanya Burr’s Chocolate Cookies

Makes 10 (fairly large) cookies!

You will need:
– 200g unsalted butter
– 300g caster sugar
– 1 large egg
– 275g self-raising flour
– 75g cocoa powder (Bournville is amazing!)
– a splash of milk
– large bar of white, milk and/or dark chocolate

Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees Celsius

Cream together the butter and sugar

Should look a little like this!

Crack in your egg


Stir in all the dry ingredients with this mix


(Add a splash of milk if your mixture is looking dry!!! – this is where I went wrong . and added too MUCH! It will be dry then SUDDENLY come together nicely! )


Break up all the chocolate you want (the more the better!)and throw it . , in. Stir well!!


Line two baking trays with baking parchment.


(Depending on your doughs consistency) grab (or dollop with a spoon!) 10 smallish handfuls of the mix and put on the baking trays – you may need a third!


Again I went wrong because I didn’t have space for another baking tray in my oven so I made 8 HUGE COOKIES!!!

Pop them in the oven for 11 minutes. When you take them out they will NOT LOOK COOKED!

Cool for thirty-ish minutes then…



So that was my DAY!
I’ve got English literature GCSE TOMORROW and maybe a friend comming round to film some hairstyles for me for a future video. (I’m styling her hair!)

Anyway, sorry this whole blog is just a recipe but hey HO!

See you tomorrow!

Bacon sandwiches and Musical Theatre!


You know that feeling when you wake up really early and you can hear birds singing and the sun is only just rising?

Well I had that this morning. The feeling of bliss when you realise that you can just lie there for a few hours, slowly adjusting from sleep to consciousness… blissful!

Anyway, enough with the dreamy stuff! On weekdays I tend to skip breakfast (bad I know!) Because I stress about being late for my TRAIN!  Yes I could just get up earlier but for some reason it makes no difference… This is why I love weekends. I can actually eat breakfast.image

This is what my breakfast consisted of. Crumpet with Nutella and Mango and Strawberry fruit tea! Yummy yummy yummy!! Of course what kind of blogger would I be without some artsy food photos – so here is another ONE! !


I actually really like that shot… minimalism

Lunch was bacon sandwiches. Unfortusntly you don’t get an artsy shot of that!! Don’t get me wrong, I do like bacon, I just don’t like it when it he’s crispy. It just tastes bitter and non-bacony (which sounds ridiculous  it ah well – such is life!)

The sad thing about today was that my morning musical theatre class was cancelled 😥 But the good thing was that my afternoon class wasn’t 🙂 We’re prepping for a cabaret show in summer titled ‘comedy and tragedy’ – our piece is called 25th annual putnam count spelling bee’ – yes it’s about 10 year olds at a spelling bee… its actually really good and the harmonies are gorgeous!!!

Anyway, this evening I finished Zoella ‘ s book Girl Online.


Honestly made me laugh out loud and cry!

I’m worried about posting that because I don’t want people to think that I’m copying Zoe!

I’m not!

I just feel like I have a lot in common with her for various reasons (That ill tell you about later when I more comfortable with this whole blogging thing!)

Yes, I started this blog because of her – but not to be her!

I’ve found in the past that writing things down does help me with the various thing that I’ll tell you about some other time, so I though I’d start to blog.

To get ideas and help, to help other people and to feel a sense of belonging.

And yes – as I am writing this I have 4 followers – but those 4 followers mean the world to me and already have boosted my confidence beyond BELIEF!

Anyway, tomorrow shall be filled with drama rehearsals (for a different show!) and having a second attempt at Tanya Burr’s Chocolate Cookies so that should be FUN!

Thank you for reading this far down, I love you ALL!!! X

Love you all my gorgeous secret keepers! Hush-hush Girl


So today I had my chemistry paper one GCSE – meaning I got to go home early!
Well I say home…
I went to my friends house -for anonymity reasons we’ll just call her… ASHTON

So we made an awesome vegetable stir-fry and watched “Jane the Virgin” – amazing show EVERYONE GO WATCH IT!!

Anyway we decided that we wanted to bake. So I suggested ‘Tanya Burr’s Chocolate Cookies’ – so we had to trek to the shop in the pouring rain to buy ingrediants! When we got home we ended up eating half the ingrediants before we even started!   We added smarties for a colourful, fun twist to Tanya’s recipe.


                                                           The mix looked AMAZING!

The actual cookies got kinda – burnt – a bit. So we made more ahah!
Actually we ended up making fourteen HUGE cookies!
I would have taken pictures of our finished works but we ate them!
*need to hit the gym now!*
Thinking about baking some more this weekend so you’ll see them then (hopefully!)

I’ll leave you in peace,

Love you all my gorgeous secret keepers!

Hush-hush Girl

Hush-hush Girl

I’m here! (Shh it’s a secret!)


So as you can probably tell I’ve started a blog…


due to the fact that i dont want to have the pressure of being judged by people I know!

Please understand 👑

Anyway, hi there you beautiful people and thanks for finding your way here!

I guess I’ll be posting about my life, baking, beauty, important issues and trying to help you guys out as much as I can.

I’m always here for you so if you ever need to chat – just say hi!

So i guess today is just a big hello really,

To get started,

I guess?!

Anyway, I’ll leave you all in peace now!

Lots of love to my gorgeous secret keepers –

Hush-hush girl! 🍰